1) Restate/explain (in your own words) Ludwig-Maximilians’ argument for the conc

1) Restate/explain (in your own words) Ludwig-Maximilians’ argument for the conclusionthat Fake News is a variant of Frankurtian Bullshit.2) Please go back and read Frankfurts On Bullshit. This will help out.3) This paper will be a little more difficult as Maximilians’ argument is lengthier and not asstraight forward as Singer’s and Rachele’s.4) Here is a skeleton of Maximilians’ argument for his conclusion. Again, this sketch is asummary of the main ideas and is presented is a slightly different fashion than what hedoes in the article (so make sure to read the article):(Premise 1) [he explains what Frankurtian Bullshit is](Premise 2) [he provides an analysis of fake news in terms of Frankurtian Bullshit ](Premise 3)] [he provides clear example of a fake news case and cases that are not fake news](Premise 4) [he explains how his analysis of fake news is able do account for the clear case of fakenews and explain away the cases that are not.(C) Fake news is a version of Frankfurtian Bullshit.As you read the article, identify the sections where he is brining up these points and inyour paper elaborate on them. Make a coherent presentation for Maximilians’ position.5) After you have done that, reflect on Maximilians’ conclusion and his reasons for theconclusion.Do you agree with Rachels? Why or why not? Please elaborate.What do you see to be a possible problem with his argument?Your paper must be written in a standard 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced,with one-inch margins on all sides. Its pages must be numbered by your word-processor.Content Instructions1. The first paragraph must effectively, and clearly, introduce the topic and purpose of thepaper.2. Do not begin your paper with a sentence like “Since the dawn of time, humans havewondered about the nature of morality,” or something along those lines. Just get to thepoint of the paper. Instead, you can begin with something like “This paper criticallyexamines ….”. Then you can move into what the topic/purpose of the paper is.3. Write your paper so that it can be understood by an undergraduate student who hastaken one prior philosophy course.4. Make sure your sentences are grammatical and words are correctly spelled (read yourpaper out loud, or have someone read it out loud to you).5. Use short simple sentences when possible.6. Make sure the paper is well structured. In other words, make sure it is easy to followwhat you are saying from paragraph to paragraph.7. Make sure the paper accurately and thoroughly addresses the main questions of theprompt.8. Adequately define and explain technical terms. In other words, would a readerunfamiliar with the material be able to understand the philosophical terms/jargon youare using? (if you are not sure, have someone not taking the class read your paper).9. Overall, make sure the paper gives a sense that you (the author) understands thematerial and are able to explain it in a clear and effective way.LINK to the “Frankfurt Bullshit Video”https://youtu.be/W1RO93OS0Sk (Need this information for the paper)

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