a child with learning disability

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on a child with learning disability Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! One of the many characteristics of a person with a learning disorder is his or her inability to participate in spontaneous social interaction and communication. This paper examines the ways and strategies of communicating with a child with special needs. Also, this paper explores the special child’s needs assessment, the relevance of person-centred multimedia, and my perspective on these things as a future nurse. Finally, this paper tackles the importance of simulation.
Language, the tool of communication, is one of the many aspects of human invention that a person with learning disability finds difficult to learn, if not master. Presently, the nature of learning disability is as intricate as the human brain itself. Technical professionals, associated in studying and comprehending the human species, remain perplexed to its depth and height. There are rare instances wherein a person with a learning difficulty is cured of such disorder through early intervention. However, there are cases wherein an individual with learning disability lingers to be in that state or condition, despite the application of intervention practices. People with normal neural development or “a system” (Kaur, Scior, and Wilson’s term) should adjust or adapt according to the abilities and needs of persons with learning disorder, since the latter has the inherent character to learn in a difficult or unconventional manner (Kaur, Scior, &Wilson, 2009).
There are three main biosocial based problems that technical professionals, commonly called developmental psychopathologists, are continually studying or learning: autism, learning disability, and conduct disorder. Technically speaking, autism is a disorder characterized by an inability or unwillingness to interact or communicate with other people. On the other hand, conduct disorder is a behavior problem involving unrestrained or too much activity and inability to concentrate on one thing or idea. It is noteworthy though that learning&nbsp.disability, particularly dyslexia, is largely associated with the physiological problem of auditory function rather than visual function.

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