A short (~50 word) focused description of the problem or issue your fact sheet i

A short (~50 word) focused description of the problem or issue your fact sheet is addressing.10 bullet-pointed facts with a footnoted source for each one.A short (~50 word) summary of the issue, suggestions for moving forward, resolving the problem, or reducing this inequity.3 resources where someone could find more information.Your entire Fact Sheet should fit on 1 side of a page. Your sources can go at the bottom, or on the back.Make sure to provide a source for everything.Helpful Hints:Think about your audience. Is there a group of people that need to learn about this issue? Who would benefit from it? Would it help teachers, professors, administrators, lawmakers, parents, police, social workers, students, or someone else? Thinking of an audience will help you put your Fact Sheet together.You might want to look at examples of Fact Sheets to get an idea of how to make yours. In Blackboard there is a folder of example Fact Sheets. Use these for help with your layout, but keep in mind most of them are much longer than what is required for this assignment.Fact Sheet about any type of inequality

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