Apply Legal & Ethical Parameters to Nursing Practice Academic Essay

This assignment is worth 40% of the final mark for this unit. Total marks for this assignment is 50/100 as this is a resubmission assignment.
Scenario Beth
Beth is 86 years old and resides in a nursing home. She is alert and has no signs of dementia. Unfortunately she is very unsteady on her feet and has a history of falls. The nurses are becoming increasingly concerned that she may injure herself seriously one day and it is highly likely that if she falls she may break her hip and may never walk again. They have spent a lot of time explaining this to Beth and she says she is aware of the dangers. The nurses have been asking Beth to call for help when she wants to walk, but she has not been doing this as she likes to be independent. They have also organised a walking frame for her which she is refusing to use, even though she is capable of using it properly and the nurses have explained the benefits. They have also included her family in the discussions to try and persuade her to use the walking frame and call for assistance but Beth is adamant that she wants her freedom. They have now suggested to Beth that when she sits down she wears a belt which is tied to her chair. The nurses hope this will remind her not to get up without asking some-one to walk with her and will also prevent her from getting up unaided. Beth objects. She is unwilling to give up her ability to move about the nursing home as she chooses. In desperation a nurse tells Beth that she must use the belt as it is a new rule of the nursing home (this is not the case). Beth reluctantly agrees to wear the belt because she is scared of the consequences of breaking the rules at the nursing home. The nurses are all very relieved that Beth is now using the belt.
Assignment Instructions:
Discuss what ethical principles are involved in this case study. Provide appropriate definitions with direct reference back to the case studyDiscuss the ethical principles that are in conflictDiscuss what legal concepts are involved in this case study. Provide appropriate definitions with direct reference to the case studyDiscuss the actions of the nurses and discuss whether they are legally and ethically justified
Requirements for submission:
The assignment must be submitted electronically to Brightspace by Tuesday the 10th of May 2016 by 5pm Your file must be named using the following format: full name, group number & year
e.g. Mary Smith A15
Do not label your file “ethics assignment” or something similar.
No extensions will be granted other than by deferred assessment or special consideration. If you hand your assignment in late you will be marked down according to each day that it is late. One day late -5%, two days late -10%, three days late -15%, four days late -20% and for assignments that are five days late, the maximum grade that can be achieved is 50% as per the student handbook.
You must not write in first person (eg. I believe)
You cannot use lecture notes as reference source material.
Your paper should be in full sentences eg. no dot points. You can however have headings for the particular topics that need to be covered to make it easier
Students must keep a copy of all work submitted.
The maximum mark for a resubmitted assignment is 50%.
All reference and source materials must be accurately cited using APA referencing. Do not use unacceptable websites (eg. Wikipedia, istudent, UKessays) as the information is unsubstantiated and not produced by a recognised and reputable organisation or published author. If you use one of these references, you will be marked 0 for referencing.
Plagiarism is not acceptable. The laws of copyright mean that you cannot copy, or cut and paste text from resource material. The essay must be in your own words and must be referenced appropriately when you have taken your ideas from another source. Direct quotes must be kept to the absolute minimum and must be referenced appropriately.
Students will be penalised for late submission and assignments will only be accepted up to 5 days after the due date.
The assignment should be between 1300- 1800 words, 10% either way is also accepted. You must include a word count. The word count does not include your reference list or in-text citations.
The assignment must be typed in Arial size 12. Double line spacing is required.
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