Assess the value and challenges of clinical decision support systems.

Review the following article from this weeks required reading:Murphy, J. (2011). Information systems & technology. Patient as center of the health care universe: A closer look at patient-centered care. Nursing Economic$, 29(1), 35-37.Write a paper that meets the following requirements:Compose a brief summary of the authors main points.Assess the value and challenges of clinical decision support systems (CDSSs), in general, and of computerized physician order entry systems (CPOEs), in specific, to achieve the patient-centered care goals set forth in the article.Evaluate the pros and cons of linking electronic health records (EHR) to at least three clinical information systems (e.g.,. LIS, PIS, RIS, etc. and physician mobile devices).Explain and defend the rationale for classifying EHR, CPOEs, and CDSS as patient-centered management systems.Paper needs to be 3 pages, single-spaced.Include at two scholarly references
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