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The whole purpose of this paper is to learn about the bacteria(Gemella palaticanis). The title is Gemella palaticanis. The abstract should include what we did throughout the semester with the Bactria and what were the results (I took back from my left cheek and the organism that was found was Gemella palaticanis). Next is the introduction. In the introduction we basically talk about the bacteria (gemella palaticanis). What is it, where is it found and stuff like that. We can also talk about the genius (which is the family gemella) and the species( which is palaticanis) if we are not able to find any information on the organism. It is gram positive and it need 10 references. After the introduction is Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion. In the discussion it can be opinionated and pretty open. We can make whatever statement we want but one question we have to answer is if we think that it is our organism or not ( I do not think it is). Below I’m going to attach an example of how it should be formatted and look kind of like.

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