create a health promotion campaign for your community

You are assigned to create a health promotion campaign in your community. Using resources such as the CDC, state and county health department websites, and various local resources, create a health and wellness program for women, children or families. Your paper should be 1 – 2 pages in length in addition to the cover page and reference page. You should use a minimum of three references to support your work.
Be sure to cover the following:

Assessment: Identifies a health deficit in the local community
Plan: Identify short term and long term goals for the community
Diagnosis: Using Healthy People 2020, identify which problem you are working on resolving.
Intervention: Recognizes local resources to aid in the creation of a community based solution
Intervention: Creates a cost effective, collaborative program in conjunction with local resources to help reduce the impact of the health deficit
Evaluation: Discusses how the plan will be evaluated for effectiveness, and at what intervals.

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