: Definition of Self Philosophers invoke different understanding of the vast occurrences in the environment.

Need an research paper on nietzsche and sartre are each concerned about the definition of self. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Task: Definition of Self Philosophers invoke different understanding of the vast occurrences in the environment. Such is the basis of arguments presented by Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean- Paul Sartre on the definition of self. These two philosophers may disagree on many fronts, but one thing is common to both. their definition of self.
Sartre describes man as the centre of his own transcendence. He elaborates that man is all time out of himself. that man only exists by projecting and losing himself beyond himself that he makes man exist. This implies that mans understanding of himself is incomplete unless he pursues his own transcendent aims. This puts every experience that man undergoes to be subject to his own limited understanding. In a sense, this implies that human emotion blows out of proportion due to their own limited understanding of the situation.
Nietzsche, on the other hand, elaborates another philosopher’s discovery when he acknowledges self being the value one puts on himself. He agrees that all that man discovers are “human faculties”. The transcendental aspect christened “intellectual intuition” by Schelling gratifies the utmost yearnings of human beings. This view of self allows man to pursue his desire oblivious of the outcome as he is a slave to emotion and only aims at actualizing the goal.

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Both philosophers agree that the definition of self is subjective rather than objective. The essence is to allow each person to define his own boundaries and limits. These might be shaped up by human experience, environment, emotions and individual human fears, but still give credence to the Nietzsche’s and Sartre’s view of self. This is the conclusion that self is the value one ultimately puts on himself. strengths and weaknesses remain relative in all scales.
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