Discuss effects of social media on interpersonal communication.

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses effects of social media on interpersonal communication. Today, even older people who are the youth’s parents have also been introduced to the same because some parent and child conversations are found on Facebook. However, research has shown that online communication, including Facebook, has had a negative effect on our effective face to face communication techniques. Since people are used to sending messages over the internet, it can be difficult for them to express themselves when they meet with the person face to face as they were in the past. For instance, you may visit a certain gathering and find almost half the people busy chatting on their smartphones yet there are people around them with whom they can chat. This generally indicates that maybe the confidence to express our views with people face to face has been eradicated by the constant use of social media. This paper tries to analyze areas in which Facebook as a social media communication platform has affected the interpersonal communication skills of people, especially the youth (Trottier, 2012).

Facebook takes the largest share of the impacts because it is greatly accepted by most people and has many users than the other forms. The trend at which people are socializing on Facebook than they do face to face is worrying since that indicates that their personal communication skills are diminishing. Therefore, the reason why they prefer online communication is that the person on the other end will not have to criticize communication skills expressed since they are looking at each other as they converse. This can explain why people can sit in a restaurant or even at parties and chat over their phones without even saying a word to their immediate neighbour. It is evident that people accept so many new friend requests on Facebook yet they don’t care to say hi to a stranger they meet on the streets. This shows that our interpersonal communication and social skills are below standard and we would not want them known to the people around us(Al-Zu’bi, Crowther & Worsdale,2008).

Since technology is advancing over years, it means that online communication will be the only way people will communicate in future since this trend is seriously cropping up in the young generation.


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