Discuss the ethical stakeholder conflict and present a plan of action for the director.

Scenario: The Healing Center is offering free community seminars on various topics from parenting classes to financial planning. They are hoping these seminars will get more people into the center and ultimately increase their customer base. While the event is free for participants, it is costing the agency money due to paying staff overtime. The financial stakeholders are pushing the director to charge a nominal fee for participation.      Discuss the ethical stakeholder conflict and present a plan of action for the director. Incorporate concepts from the required reading, the case study, and the SLU values of integrity and community. Written in APA format, 500 words.

  • Library Extra CreditFor a bit of extra credit, you can take some online classes offered by the library. Five points per class. Once you’ve taken the class you can take a screen shot of the certificate or badge and upload it at the link below (just click where it says “Library EC”). You need to pass the quiz to get credit. You can click on the link as many times as you need to, if you complete different classes at different times.
    Here’s a link to the MLA class. Five points for completing the class and passing the quiz.
    Here’s a link to the Research classes. There are three of these (Research 1, 2 & 3), and you will get 5 points for each one that you successfully complete.
    That adds up to 20 points of extra credit possible from library classes.
    If you’ve taken these classes before, that’s great, but you have to take it during this semester to get credit in this class. Having taken it before will make it easier, because you’ll probably already know all the answers. But it’s never bad to get a reminder of important information.
    ** Please be aware that there is a deadline to register to take the Research classes and it sometimes takes a few days to get this done. Plus, the library regularly shuts these classes down before the end of the semester. If you wait too late to get started you will not be able to attempt this extra credit. If you don’t get registered, or if you don’t complete the classes before they “go dark” I will NOT be able to help you! Don’t wait, if you want to do these classes! **  
    Final deadline: May 9, 11:59 p.m.
  • AssignmentLibrary ECTurn it in here. You can use this link as many times as you need to, if you complete the assignments at different times. Just attach a screen shot of the certificate or badge showing you completed the assignment.

    If you don’t know how to take a screen shot there are many, many YouTube videos showing how. Here’s one at random: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoTpIYLBtKs&t=3s (It would be great if you would resize screenshots so they are not HUGE files before attaching them here.)

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