Discuss The Phenomenon of the Sex Trade.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Phenomenon of the Sex Trade. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. The paper will prove that the sex trade is one of the most negative phenomena in the life of American society and show the effect that it has on females who are aged 12-15 and who entered the sex trade.
It may be particularly important to analyze the quantitative aspect of the issue in order to understand the scope. To begin with, it must be noticed that several years ago the population of people who were victims of the sex trade almost reached 21 million people (“Child trafficking Statistics”, 2012). What is worst is that a relatively big number of instances is registered in the United States: it is thought that roughly a million and a half were affected by this negative social phenomenon. In addition to that, the number of children who are subjected to commercial sex trade is estimated to be around two million people. One would make no mistake that the actual number of victims may be even more, since the recorded data reflects only those cases which were discovered by the law enforcing agencies.
All this brings to the question of how many other people are impacted by the problem. There is no doubt that the phenomenon of the sex trade should not be analyzed in one dimension only. It is true that the number of people are being sold and purchased is tremendous, nevertheless, one should keep in mind that the there are other parties involved. For example, one would make no mistake that the population of pimps should also be taken into account. It may be difficult to calculate it. however, it is understandable that for every 5 or 10 girls there is surely a pimp. In addition to that, the clients or the people who use the poor children should also be mentioned. Keeping in mind that the long-distance truck drivers are the category of people that are rather likely to use the above-mentioned services, one may focus on this particular group of&nbsp.people. What is worse is that little girls aged 12-15 who enter the sex trade are not able to show any resistance to their pimps or to their older clients which leaves them almost helpless.

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