Discuss web technologies & management systems.

Need an research paper on web technologies & management systems. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The downside of this is the fact that entire record can be traced out, with everything going digital and the internet medium being most fragile and directly exposed to all kinds of threats and attacks, the credit card scams are quite common where people’s credit cards are hacked and lots of amounts are extracted from it. This is not just limited to the credit cards, rather other online sources are being targeted in the same manner. Apart from the financial embezzlements retrieving of other valuable information which can be possibly used for any purpose are possible through the inappropriate use of credit cards.

Hence credit card is a blessing yet can be a curse too if they land up in the wrong hands or are used without consideration of security check because in that case, it will not only lead to financial dangers but also other potential threats to life property etc.

(ii) Assuming that you are a consultant on the project team, building a data warehouse for a company of your choice (an example company), list the possible data sources from which you will bring the data 2 into your data warehouse. State clearly any assumptions that you will make.

The data warehouse serves as the pivot of the entire network in an online resource and database, therefore the choice of data sources must be done wisely. Different methods and sources can be used to bring the data into the data warehouse. these sources include the spreadsheet which contains all the basic information about the items and data that is part of the entire project. Subject matter experts must be consulted for this purpose to make the right choice of data source material. Defining the business type, the clients, are important areas to be addressed.&nbsp.


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