Discussion on digital media create new public spheres and increasingly alter our political life

I need some assistance with these assignment. digital media create new public spheres and increasingly alter our political life Thank you in advance for the help! The prior role of journalism and mass media communication is to form appropriate public relations in the form of presenting different studies efficiently. It can be inferred that with the increasing use of the internet and digital communication, the societal life of the inhabitants has been largely influenced. In this regard, digital mass communication in the current scenario is becoming an integral part of the life of the people and likewise, the societies are identified to be remaining highly reliant on this particular communication mean (Eribo & Tanjong, 2002. Aggarwal & Gupta, 2001).

Notably, the use of digital media in this modern-day context lays in communicating with other people for varied reasons. It is to be affirmed that the messages, which are communicated through digital media, not only pursue any sort of agenda to the public but also assemble their opinions towards reaching a valid conclusion. Besides, digital media also helps the community members to acquire a better idea about the prevalent societal problems and likewise take informed decisions to address and mitigate these problems. It can be apparently observed that journalism, radio, newspapers, magazines, television, blogs, websites, mobile apps, and social media are the key tools based on which the people of this modern-day context are interconnected with each other. In this regard, with the diversification and significant growth of mass media, the scope of communication has been expanded towards the utilization of digital applications to a considerable extent (Eribo & Tanjong, 2002. Aggarwal & Gupta, 2001).

In this present-day context, digital media has evolved as a rich and diversified source of information and led people no longer dependent on a single information source, which raised flexibility in making greater choices between different media. Moreover, advancement in digital media also reduces the context of omnipresence and people are no longer been isolated as compared to others. This ensures forming mutual corporation between the public and private corporations by forming a space for the public sphere. Likewise, the reliability and speediness of the flow of key political decisions in form of news are easily been spread socially (Eribo & Tanjong, 2002. Aggarwal & Gupta, 2001).


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