For this assessment task, you will be provided with a published literature review to use as the basis for planning a qualitative study. Your assessment should include the following components: 1. Describe the purpose of undertaking research on this topic 2. Describe the context/perspective of this research (For example ‚Äď adolescent health, mental health, sexual health, teen pregnancy, Cyber bullying and social media safety, indigenous health, community health, primary health care, smoking or substance abuse, socioeconomic determinants of health, or other health promotion perspectives) 3. Develop a qualitative research question on this topic in this context. 4. Describe an appropriate qualitative study design to address the research question. 5. Explain what the study is designed to measure. 6. Describe the study population, eligibility criteria, study sample and sampling method. 7. Describe the methods you intend to use to collect data in this study. 8. Discuss rigour, trustworthiness and study limitations for the proposed study. 9. Describe ethical implications for this study including vulnerable populations (such as indigenous peoples) where applicable. 10. Describe additional data you would collect if this study was modified to be a mixed methods design. What methods would you use? (Include instruments and data collection approaches)

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