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Specific Instructions/Requirements for your PowerPoint presentation
1) Title Page: Title of Presentation and your first and last name. Include a picture of yourself or other photos of yourself. (1 slide)
First and Last name – Cyrus Jones, Picture labeled cyrusworkpic is the picture to be used

2) Mission Statement: A broader statement of your values and your aspirations. (1 slide)
I am a retired fire chief with 28 years of service. I am enjoying retirement and possibly in a year or two I might go back into the work force for a year as a DoD contract employee in fire and emergency services.

3) Career Goal: Tell not only the career, but the area of specialty if applicable. Describe the career and examples of the kind of work you will do. When you discuss your career include expected number of future openings in the field, and current job openings, expected salary range, working conditions/environment, etc. (This should take 2 -4 slides)
I am a Safety-oriented and rescue-focused Fire Fighting professional having more than 24 years of public and private safety experience in the planning, organizing and administration of all fire department operations. Possesses huge knowledge in fire administration, public relations, equipment management, budget management, and the enforcement of regulations, policies and procedures related to fire suppression, investigation and prevention, hazardous material response, rescue and emergency services. Highly competent in assessing and eliminating risks and hazards through effective recommendations in executing corrective action plans, analyzing accident & injury, formulating policies & providing safety manuals and employee instructions. Well-equipped leadership and analytical skills as evidenced by ability to continuously improve fire/rescue operations and emergency medical services. Astute interpersonal skills interface effectively with volunteer firefighters, municipal leaders, community members, key municipal stakeholders, union & non-union staff, and the general public. There are currently many vacancies for fire chiefs overseas for DoD contractors for companies like KBR and DynCorp. Salary range is from $150,000.00 to $200,000.0 per year tax free. Working conditions will be in the theater of operations for support of Operation Enduring Freedom and other DoD contingencies.

4) LIFE GOALS: Short Term Goals- Next few months, Medium Term Goals-Next couples of years and Long Term Goals –your future life, i.e. where you will live, marriage/family (if applicable), work, occupations, etc. ( 2 slides).
Short term – enjoy my retirement / medium term – Go to work as a fire chief for a DoD contractor for two years / I will continue living in Huntsville AL area, I am married, and my children are grown and working.

5) Strengths and personality traits: Include such areas as strengths, organizational traits, money management, time management, stress management, personality test information, etc. (1 slide).

Emergency incident commander and first responder with 28+ years’ experience as Deputy Fire Chief and Fire Chief.
Knowledgeable leader adept at organizing inspections and strategies to combat structural fire loss and increase awareness of fire safety procedures. Possess broad variety of Department of Defense certificates. Specialized experience in weapons of mass destruction, radiological, and other hazardous material disposal. Capability to supervise large teams of highly-skilled officers and firefighters. Proven ability to accomplish responsibilities of Fire Chief.

6) Educational Plan: Example: If you plan to transfer to a 4 year college (1 slide).
Graduate with an associate degree in Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

*You should have a total of 8-10 slides. Make sure to add pictures/clip-art to your PowerPoint that will add to the look of it*

Pictures are in the files

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