Health and Medicare issues for old adults

Health and Medicare issues for old adults
Health and Medicare issues for old adultsPaper details
a. make sure the issue/problem is pertinent to older adults, important and relevant to society or theindividualb. make sure there is enough scholarly research on this topicc. consider why the problem is important to society, older adults and yourself2. Explain why this issue/problem has not been resolved yet and what the obstacles and challenges arein coming to a viable solution
a. support your argument with proper research and citations (no wiki)b.give personal yet appropriate examples as to why this is a difficult issue to solve3. Provide a viable solution to the proposed issue and support your solution with appropriate citationsand references. Appropriate personal examples may also be provided to strengthen the argument.Paper must be typed, 1.5 spaced and 12pt font, APA citations must be provided, no abstract needed.The paper has an upper bound word limit of 1500. All papers should be submitted on Blackboard andno late submissions will be accepted.Rubric10 ALL directions carefully followed10 Introduction10 Clear and concise explanation of issue or problem in aging services and why it is important toexplore15 Clearly explains why problem is important to society15 Research on the topic10 Clear explanation of why issue has not been solved10 Examples and support for the obstacles10 Viable solution10 Conclusion
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