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Health Information Management
HSC 313 Pharmacology- Term ProjectThe term project will consist of research, analyzing and presenting material in a presentation. The presentation mode will be PowerPoint posted to a discussion thread for your classmates to view and submitting to the instructor for grading. The term project is due in week eight of the term. This is an individual project.Project Directions:? Choose a disease or condition to research.? Investigate the pharmacological agents used to treat the condition.? Use at least six resources (credible resources)? There should be no fewer than six pharmaceuticals that you report in your presentation for the condition you choose.Presentation Criteria:? The content of the presentation will include – drug names/ classifications.? The intended outcome of using the pharmaceutical.? The mode of administration as well as recommended dosages.? The affect the pharmaceutical has on the patient/ condition. (Slow metabolism rate, shrink tumors, block cell mutation, etc.)? Duration of pharmaceutical- is it a long term treatment or short term?
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