health journal entry – My Nursing Assignment

Could you do this assignment please..
The book is :
Insel, Paul M. and Walton T. Roth. Connect Core Concepts in Health Big with Connect 15th ed.
Each module will require you to make a journal entry related to the unit topic. We will cover 4 modules plus Chapter 21 in all. The journal entry will explore your attitudes, opinions, and beliefs about health. You are to turn in a journal entry for each module.
Journal entries require thoughtful reflection on your personal health. You will also be evaluated on the quality of content. When appropriate, journal entries may require you to discuss ideas and support them by scientific data and references, if necessary (not required). Your journal entry should include discussion of the content in the module the stood out to you the most, your feelings and opinions on the topic, and how the information you learned will influence you going forward. Also, it should include any other reflective thoughts you may have on the module.
These journal entries should be organized by module and submitted in one Word document file. Each journal entry should be 400 words in length. The Chapter 21 entry should be 100 words.
I will attach the topics for each model to choose what to write and don’t forget, each model just 400 words and the last chapter just 100 words
– I’m an international male student** -Please note that Professor is too serious about Plagiarism so please make it different.
thank you..
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