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Health Service ManagementThe state health department is interested in conducting an organizational cultural self-assessment. Leaders indicate that changes in demographics and public health priorities are reasons cited to undergo such a process. AIDitionally, a self-assessment process and outcomes would be instrumental in planning for the State Title V Block Grant application.
There are 12,500 employees in the health department and eight different regions. The department provides basic public health functions and contracts to county and local organizations and individual practitioners for an array of services.
The university has been awarded a contract to conduct the self-assessment process. You have been appointed to the leadership team for this effort.
1.Develop a plan for the overall process. Include level of effort, time frames, resources, partners, key constituency groups, instrumentation, and other components to implement successfully the self-assessment process.
2.From your perspective, describe the leadership challenges for such an effort.ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!
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