Hi, I need a final essay paper based on the three reading. I have a proposed es

Hi, I need a final essay paper based on the three reading. I have a proposed essay proposal that is going to be based on the finalbased out of the three readings and source them please. The readings you will see I have already uploaded them.Topic: British vs The Spanish Empires.The Colonists in Spanish regions essentially divided all the people they found based on the concept of religion. This paper will discuss how the various colonists used religion to divide the people and gain whatever they wanted. Also the implication of it although the majority of people were bellieved to be easily divided according to race. Based on this argument I concur with the perspective that seperation intially began as religious- related thing and then gradually shifted into being based on race. The information has strong support in the Requirimiento and the article of Octavio.The piece Requirimiento, we can observe how the North American Colonial civilization divided people by faith. The socities in North America divided people on religion in this text.. For a long time, Mexico was struggling for Identity (Paz). The relevance on this text lies in the fact that it was just a “proposal” by the Spanish leader to the indigenous indivduals in Northern Mexico. Requirimiento has a text that states, “That you acknowledge the Church as the ruler and superior of the whole world, and the high priest called the pope, and his name the king and queen Dona Juana, our lords, in his place, as supremes, and lords, and kings of these Islands and this Tierra-firme by virtue of the said (gift), and that you consent and give place, that these religious fathers should declare and preach to you the afore said (weiler)”. Religion was such a crucial aspect of this ancient society and was used alot of those in control to establish their policies and achieve their desires. The Catholic Church was the center of the majority of the colonial activity (Ruiz,2008). The main concern of the majority of the Spanish was that if they did not convert to Christianity or adhere to the wills of the colonialists many people would die. All the colonizers were only concerned with the religion, and thus if anyone didn’t conform to that, they wouls stage a war against them and grab things from them.

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