I want to corrct my Bibliography (find the attached file) to meet the APA guidelines)

Notice the Professor comments and resolve them accordingly:

incomplete APA citation (no journal name) Almalki (2011) -2

Alraga (2017) Italics issue in journal name, run on into the Al-Shareef (2017) citation, Italics issue on journal name. (3x -1)

Al Thobaity (2015) Italics for journal name. (-1)

Alzahrani, no article title. (-2)

Source and Website, Professional Association (https://www.sfpe.org/page/Issue5Feature2) or original article ( Ronchi, E.; Nilsson, D.;Kojić, S.; Eriksson, J.; Lovreglio, R.; Modig, H.; and Lindgren-Walter, A. (2015). “A Virtual Reality Experiment on Flashing Lights at Emergency Exit Portals for Road Tunnel Evacuation,” Fire Technology, 1–25.) for Ronchi & Nilsson (2016). Since the reference is unclear and I have cited the original article I am unsure if you needed the d.o.i. or http “retrieved from” for a webpage. How many authors does APA say you need to write out? (-2)

Italics on Van der Wal (2017 ) -1


-6 major errors, -5 for italics (reduced)

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