Liberation through Education.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Liberation through Education. The Arizona authorities were not justified in preventing the program from continuing because it meets Freire’s criteria of education that produces liberation. students benefit from the program through social belongingness and improvement of self-esteem. and social benefits because ethnic studies programs improve academic performance, college enrolment rates, and multiculturalism.

Raza Studies should be continued because it meets Freire’s criteria of education that liberates students and communities. Raza Studies liberate people because it teaches the student to be critical thinkers by making them become conscious of their consciousness. Precious Knowledge, directed by Luis Palos, documents the Raza Studies’ effects on its students and local community and how teachers and students struggle against the Arizona government’s move of abolishing it. One student of the program stresses that the program is about “consciousness” that inspires them to think about what they are learning (Palos, Precious Knowledge). Freire differentiates schools that practice banking philosophy from those that liberate through encouraging students to become aware of “consciousness as consciousness of consciousness.” Students of Raza Studies are becoming more conscious of thinking and of criticizing everything around them because their teachers do not see them as empty containers, but as individuals who are capable of thinking. In addition, students of the program believe in the importance of consciousness to their education. Maria Harvey, a Raza Studies student, says that “consciousness is a big part” of their classes because it is about who they are and what they can do for their community (Palos, Precious Knowledge). She feels liberated that she has the power to control her life and to contribute to her community. These students feel the role of consciousness in their education.

Furthermore, Raza Studies is about liberation by combining practice and reflection. Jose Gonzalez, a Raza Studies teacher, underlines the importance of learning through reflection and action.


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