Mobile phone use harming teens health.

Mobile phone use harming teens health.Project instructions:Summary of the piece of information:Description of piece of information illustrates that the piece of information was read andunderstood. No quotations are permitted in the summary. Everything MUST be written in yourown words.Statistical concepts:List and explain concepts that reflect the pieces of information. These concepts should be clearlyoutlined. Each concept must be described conceptually rather than purely mathematical terms.No quotations are permitted in the summary. Everything MUST be written in your own words.Interpretation and Generalization:Last and most importantly, you will interpret whether the piece of information has correctly orincorrectly used the statistical concepts. Explain the rationale behind your interpretation. Giveanother example of a situation in which the use of the statistical concept can generalize. That is,describe another situation that might use the same interpretation of the concept.Writing style:Language concepts and phenomenon are described in understandable terms. Paper is wellorganized and structured, paragraphs make clear points (i.e., no rambling), and paper is notoverly wordy.Another source to look at is Statistics for Psychology, Sixth Edition by Arthur and Elaine N. Aron, Elliot J. Coups. The concepts to refer to are in Chp 1-3 & 11,12
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