paper on analysis of bilingual education in the united states.

Need an research paper on analysis of bilingual education in the united states. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. In a temporary bilingual program, the students’ prime language, symbolizes a vehicle to progress knowledge, and attain hypothetical knowledge. It is used to develop mastery and abstract skills in the chief language. It is an educational tactic that not only permits scholars to master hypothetical content material but also become dexterous in two languages a progressively treasured skill in the initial twenty-first century.

Brown could argue for the position of providing the American Indians with the opportunity to have bilingual language. Though this type of education has seen many challenges in California, sometimes the interested groups presenting their cases in court to defend their rights. the decision made by Brown will give access to the oil extraction by the state government. This decision will be of much importance to the state government since the federal state needs the supplementary source of energy to make the commodity readily available in the market. On the other hand, Brown needs to consider the other Native American tribes who might also demand their rights to the opportunity to have bilingual education. If the state government isn’t interested in offering the chance to all the Native American tribes, Brown may rule out the final policy to accredit the Native Americans Indians as the only tribe who would benefit from the policy (Cazden & Snow, 164). Thus, the other citizens should not view it as a form of policy meant to discriminate against some communities from such an essential opportunity. Otherwise, when the government has acquired cash from the oil extraction source, it will offer the opportunity for bilingual education to the rest of the communities. This is an argument according to Brown, as a measure which will benefit all the citizens in California.

Bilingual education should not be offered because of individuals living in&nbsp.California, people ought to be united by one language (Baker, 87). This is because offering bilingual education to the American Indian tribe alone would cause arguments between the tribes.&nbsp.


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