paper on the topic Medium Details for Estee Lauder.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Medium Details for Estee Lauder. It also appeals to this audience through the packaging of the product, in a stylish, attractive bottle, which stands out among other brands of this product type. Upper-class factions want to purchase goods made for people of their perceived level or socio-economic status. ii Women in this audience who purchase this product will not only have eyelashes that stand out, they will have a bottle or package they will be proud to carry in their handbag, on the dressing table or vanity.

Though this product of Estee Lauder is more utilitarian, designed to serve a general purpose, it can appeal to an audience with a wide age range, such as in the target audience. Marketing experts hypothesized that utilitarian appeals will be more persuasive for products which are highly differentiated from competitors, are in the developmental stage of the product lifecycle, are used by most consumers, or are not highly conspicuous in their usage. iii This product is differentiated with the vibrating brush, is a newly developed product, is something used by many women and does not draw undue attention to the audience for using such a product.

The other emotional appeal Estee Lauder uses is one designed to meet hedonic needs,v or those that are associated with enjoyment and things that are valued. For this target audience, enjoyment may come in knowing that one looks good with tasteful fashions and with the use of quality cosmetic products. It may also come from knowing that there is a product that can give a woman the long, thick and attractive lashes she has always dreamed of having, but was not able to achieve with other products. Looks and appeal are highly valued by this segment. So, a product that helps them achieve this is desirable. An attractive package that looks good in the handbag or on a table is also something that members of this target audience value.


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