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Photoshop has a very large learning curve and may seem difficult at first to use, because of the many options and steps involved in turning a document into a finished piece. It isn’t meant to be a simple program that everyone can use. If you want a simple program to make a birthday card and then send it to your niece or nephew as a birthday gift, you’ll be happier using one of the simple programs listed in Chapter 5.
Photoshop is a powerful image-editing program, much more so than graphics-editing programs that are designed only for creating simple layouts such as fonts and logos. It’s well worth the investment if you have the time and want to master it.
Toggle Editing Options from the Layers Panel Menu
You may find that you need to toggle some of the editing options on and off for a specific layer. Not only do you have to learn the use of the Layers panel, but you may need to adjust the standard adjustment tools and options as well.
To toggle a setting on or off, place the mouse cursor over the layer of the specific setting you want to change. You’ll see a small down-pointing arrow on the top left of the Layers panel. Click and drag to the right or left and release. The setting on the current layer changes until you release the mouse button.
Finding What You Need
There are a number of image-editing programs that are much easier to use for beginners. Just selecting the image you want to edit, applying a filter, and saving the image are simple enough for beginners to do.
Whatever program you use, the best way to learn is by trial and error. You may find that a lot of your efforts at trial and error are wasted, or you may find that your efforts produce a more satisfying result than you imagined.
Chapter 5 gives instructions on how to select and apply filters to your images. There you’ll also find instructions on how to correct color issues and duplicate images from one file to another. The following sections, however, give you more advanced tips on using Photoshop to enhance images.
Getting the Hint on Pencil Lines
You may find that applying a paper texture to your image is the best way to try out something new. The program has several tools that can be used to create textures for applying to your images: warp, screen, paper, and spray.
Figure 4-6 shows a photo of a beach with a blurry water area

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While Photoshop is the number one program for editing images, many photographers and graphic designers in the professional and amateur realm take their images to the next level with the software. When it comes to editing images there are a few programs that are far more sophisticated than the average Photoshop but they are not the number one choice for creating quality images. Photoshop remains the premier image editor program for creating and editing images due to its flexibility, number of features, and ability to handle multiple edits.
How to Download and Install Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019
It is highly recommended to install all new versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements on a new Windows computer (or on one you have a restore disk for) rather than installing on an existing computer. Even if the drive letter isn’t changed on the new PC, there are complications that arise.
Download Photoshop Elements 2019 from the developer’s website. Start the download by clicking on the Download button above. The download might have arrived in a number of files. Don’t open the folder that the file downloaded to. Double-click the icon to open the file.
Run the installation program. It will start automatically. Follow the prompts and you will be greeted with a start screen with basic information. Do not install the program on any hard drive or storage device. You will be prompted to do this. Then wait for the program to install.
Open the program. It will start automatically. The installer will take care of the rest. An icon will appear in the desktop and be placed in the control center. You can access the program by clicking on the icon in the control panel.
Run Photoshop Elements. You should see the main screen when you start Photoshop Elements. Choose from one of the options:
Empty Gallery
To create a new album, click on the New Album button. This will put a new album in your gallery. Each of the new images added will be backed by a JPEG 2000/JPEG EXIF file and loaded with an associated Photoshop EPS file. After you create the new album, you can open and display the folder containing the images.
Photoshop Elements
If you are using Photoshop Elements, you will see the main screen.
Select from one of the options: Empty Album
Create a new album
Import an existing Photoshop album
Import an existing graphic design project
Add images from a folder
Create new Photoshop project
Create new web gallery
Create new e-a681f4349e

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