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Climate change extends its main effects on public health and environmental issues. Around the world, the climate has been affected due to pollution of air. In the United States, many urban cities are affected by the poor quality of air, decreasing, causing respiratory issues to too many people. In the paper, there will be an outline of the policy issue of air pollution, and its impact on the health delivery system.
Policy health issue
Air pollution is described as pollutants that harm planes and humans. Air pollution is considered an environmental problem that results in public health issues, and one of the leading health problems is respiratory health issues. Besides, long-term exposure to air pollution is involved with diseases of the lungs and heart, cancer, among others. Children are the most affected and vulnerable in the review of the population affected most by air pollution (NASA, 2020). According to the report given by the World Health Organization, every day, approximately 95% of children around the world who are under 15 years breathe air that is polluted, and as a result, they are at risk of having different health issues. The main reason children are the most affected is that they breathe more rapidly the air pollution compared to adults. Furthermore, those children with respiratory problems are also affected, including those with conditions like cystic fibrosis and asthma, which can cause death. In 1963, the Clean Air Act was created, the first federal legislation on air pollution.
Problem Statement
The adverse effect in children can affect the health outcome, which will be very challenging. Around the world, air pollution is the biggest killer as it is also a silent killer, mainly among children. When air pollution continues, those, vulnerable people will continue to be affected. The issue can be solved by improving the quality of life of individuals, mainly in the areas affected by air pollution, and when the problem is corrected, people’s lives will be prolonged. (Systems, 2020). By 2030 if air pollution is not controlled, the air will become poisonous, and people will be forced to use oxygen kits for breathing in order t survive.
Addressing the health issue
To address the health issue, it is essential to note all the factors that are the main contributors to air pollution. To identify areas of improvement, it is vital to keep cars well turned, recycle different products, avoid the burning of trash, and avoid fossil fuel burning. Education of the community is also essential mainly in air pollution as the community is encouraged to limit themselves and others from air pollution like smoking. For the policy to be initiated, the first step is to identify areas that need improvement, prove the effect of air pollution in a specific population, and provide different recommendations for addressing the situation. (Rinkesh, 2017). Once the required information is gathered, it can be presented to the stakeholders for approval and implementation. In addition, the policy will also be presented to the public health professional, local governments, and environmental experts for review and make the changes if necessary.
Impact on the health delivery system
The policy change will help a lot, mainly in reducing illness and exposure rate if it is followed correctly. Air pollution is responsible for 34 million emergency room visits for asthma attacks globally (Marusic, 2019). Reducing air pollution exposure will reduce doctor and hospital visits which will improve the well-being of the future and the quality of life of the patients.


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