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Select a current public health issue. You can select an issue aIDressed in this course or one of your choice (e.g., chronic diseases, immunization, obesity, heart disease, and/or an environmental issue). Identify at least five scholarly resources (peer-reviewed references) to support your assertions. Analyze the current status of your selected issue to determine how this issue will impact the future of public health including the implications for future generations and public health involvement.
Include the following in your presentation:
Describe the problem and how the issue has been aIDressed. List the advantages and disadvantages of the method(s) used to aIDress it. Explore how you might handle these components and include three reasonable approaches to aIDress the issue.Discuss the future of public health and how your selected issue will affect the people of the United States.Describe how this situation might be handled in a different manner. Recommend ways by which public health involvement can improve handling of the issue in future occurrences and identify some examples to change the status quo.Support your statements using scholarly literature and evidence-based information from at least five authoritative resources.Be sure to state major points clearly and support with specific details, examples, or analysis.
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