Recovery oriented approach to care ( community mental health

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  1. 1. How will you assess his readiness to make this change?


I will assess Ben’s readiness to make a change by the fact that he attended the clinic for his routine medical check up. Assessing readiness to change must also build trust and rapport, exposes limiting beliefs that may slow down therapy, help Ben take an active role in his own rehabilitation, allow to develop goals that are meaningful to him and improve the chances that therapy will result in real change (Ccc-Slp, 2020). By conducting a psychiatric mental health nursing assessment utilizing the Mental Status Examination (MSE). The MSE is a key assessment tool used by all members of the mental health team for ongoing assessment of the client and to establish treatment effectiveness, as well as certain aspects of recovery ( Varcarolis, 2019)


2. How would you best use the approaches, therapies and strategies you have learned in this course to communicate and collaborate with Ben to determine a plan of care?


An individual’s unique journey to recovery is essential to determine Ben’s Recovery- Oriented Approaches to Care. The Mental Health Commission of Canada (2015) encourage Ben and care partners take an active approach in his own recovery. Respect for autonomy is emphasized (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2000). It would also help me utilize the Philip Barker’s Tidal Model by empowering interactions rooted in the lived experience of Ben by listening to his stories and perspectives. Using open- ended questions and active listening while speaking with Ben is valuable. This action will promote trusts and rapport. The treatment plan must be tailored to Ben’s specific requirements and preferences. Nurses must understand and apply the Recovery- Oriented Approach to successfully communicate, cooperate, and help persons with mental illness (Solomon et al., 2021). To successfully communicate treatment plans, healthcare practitioners must also consider Ben’s language and comprehension. His experiences and expectations from specific needs are all taken into consideration while developing a personalized plan of care. Ben’s engagement in a lifelong journey of healing and promoting his own wellbeing would determine his recovery and plan of care.


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