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Overview There is empirical evidence that if we identify our values and think about them, we are more likely to identify ethical situations that may be in conflict with them. We will use this exercise to answer a series of questions that will help us individually identify and understand our own value structure.

Basic Instructions The basic instructions for this project are: • Two full pages, double-spaced. • Include a brief heading with your name, the project, professor, class time and due date. • You should write this paper like you would write a business document, polished and error-free with a straightforward, clear style. It may be organized as you like but a list of responses by question is acceptable.

Detailed Requirements Here’s a list of self‐assessment questions you must answer: 1. What do you care about? When you think deeply about your life, what are the values that attract you or stir deep feelings within you? Most people, for example, gravitate toward honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, fairness, and other similar values. 2. What are your personal and professional goals? What do you hope to accomplish? What would make your professional life worthwhile? 3. What is your risk profile? Are you a risk taker, or are you risk averse? What are the greatest risks you face in your line of work? What levels of risk can you live with, and which ones can’t you live with? 4. Do you deal well with conflict, or are you nonconfrontational? Do you prefer communicating in person or in writing? Do you think best from the gut and in the moment, or do you need time to reflect on and craft your communication? 5. Do you tend to feel the greatest loyalty to family, work colleagues, your firm/employer, or other stakeholders, such as customers? 6. Do you identify yourself as being shrewd or naive? As idealistic or pragmatic? As a learner or as a teacher?

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