the rebellious attitude of jane eyre

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the rebellious attitude of jane eyre Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Many of Janes’s experiences happened in the village where Charlotte grew up. She and her sisters used village situations to write their stories. At one point in her early life, Charlotte also became a governess but she did not like what she had to do so she left (C.D. Merriman 2007). These experiences were the backdrop for what would become one of her most important novels and many people still continue to read this classic today. One of the issues that strike many critics is the fact that Jane Eyre was rebellious and did not allow others to tell her what to do.
Jane Eyre was a troubled woman in her early years because she went through many situations that caused her pain. In the beginning, she lived at Gateshead House which was a place that she was living with her uncle’s widow and her children. These Reed children were difficult for Jane and she did not fit in with them. She was constantly doing something that Mrs. Reed thought was not appropriate for a young lady. Jane gets into trouble because she is accused of lying and she continues to be mistreated in this house. After a while, Mrs. Reed gets tired of her and sends her to Lowood, a boarding school for poor children and she is given to a man named Mr. Brocklehurst. This place is not a better place to live but she finds a good friend in a girl named Helen. Lowood also is a place where many people get sick from typhus which Jane is able to survive. But, her friend Helen is not so lucky and she dies of tuberculosis. These sad situations continue throughout Janes’s life until, at the end of the novel, she finds love and wealth.
It seems that Janes’s experiences throughout her childhood are shaping her life later on. Throughout the book, many people die or leave her and it is difficult to understand why she is able to deal with these situations.&nbsp.

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