This essay is focused on solving the Israel Palestine conflict the right way…

This essay is focused on solving the Israel Palestine conflict the right way… You will need to decide whether the government should be made up of one or two states and provide the proper sources. All of the topics listed below must be implemented into the essay. Figure out how to “solve” this crisis the best and most logical way. Thank you!1. Refugees– Right of Return (If these Palestinians would be allowed the right of return into Israel, it wouldn’t remain a Jewish majority state) What is the proper way to handle this?– United Nations General assembly Resolution 1942. Borders/restrictions/checkpoints3. Settlements4. Type of government– One state vs. two state solution.– The “two-state solution” would create an independent Israel and Palestine, and is the mainstream approach to resolving the conflict. The idea is that Israelis and Palestinians want to run their countries differently; Israelis want a Jewish state, and Palestinians want a Palestinian one. Because neither side can get what it wants in a joined state, the only possible solution that satisfies everyone involves separating Palestinians and Israelis.– The “one-state solution” would merge Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip into one big country. It comes in two versions. One, favored by some leftists and Palestinians, would create a single democratic country. Arab Muslims would outnumber Jews, thus ending Israel as a Jewish state.5. Jerusalem6. Water

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