What is the most likely food that causes this gastroenteritis outbreak? Why? Explain

What is the most likely food that causes this gastroenteritis outbreak? Why? Explain

Fundamentals of Epidemiology and Biostatistics for Nursing

This test consists of TWO sections.


== The SECOND SECTION includes questions related to analyzing, and interpreting data, and summarizing the findings and its impact on nursing practice (FIVE

QUESTIONS=19 POINTS). Download and use the file


The total score is 60 points (30% of the grade).

SECTION 1: Below is the list of QUESTIONS.

Use the space assigned after each question for your answer. All the questions must be answered and show your calculations and write your justifications for full


Q1. Which of the following best describes the design where subjects are sampled by disease status and is often used when the investigator is interested in rare

diseases? (Choose one best answer and provide rationale). (TWO POINTS)
A. intervention trial
B. case control study
C. retrospective cohort
D. ecologic study
E. none of the above

Q2. What statistical method(s) a researcher can use to determine if the mean body mass index of the population is the same for three groups of subjects (group1=diet

restriction; group2=exercise; group3=none). (EACH IS TWO POINTS =TOTAL=SIX POINTS)
A. Statistical test is ________________
B. Null Hypothesis is _____________________
C. Alternative hypothesis is ___________________

Q3. Ŷ represents the predicted value of y calculated using the equation Ŷ = a + bx. In the formula, SBP = 34 + 0.2 x; where x = value of postnatal age (hours) for the

neonates ≤ 1,000 grams? What is the value of the intercept (a)? What is the value of the slope (b)? (TWO POINTS)

Q4. Incidence rates from cervical cancer in people aged 50 years or older are as follows:
Non-smoker 50 per 100,000 per year
Smoker 140 per 100,000 per year

Calculate and interpret the following:
A. Relative risk of smokers versus non-smokers (TWO POINTS)

Q5. An equation indicating that systolic blood pressure or SBP = 30 + 0.4x. If the value of x is postnatal age of 20 hours, what is the value for Ŷ or SBP for

neonates ≤ 1,000 grams? Show your calculations. (TWO POINTS)

Q6. Which of the following approaches can be used to compare the relative benefits of two alternative pharmacologic treatments for chest disease? (TWO POINTS)
a. case-control study
b. screening
c. cohort study
d. randomized controlled clinical trial


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