The case study closes with Sarah shaken-up by J.P.’s directive to “tone it down and back off.” Assume that you are her and that you decided to resign from the company. Write a resignation letter. It should be addressed to him and be about 300 words. See Baker & Baker Appendix A, p. 289 for illustration of format.

You are free to create your own approach. Or you might write three paragraphs based on the following content:

Notify him that you wish to resign from [make up your own name]. You might also thank him for the opportunity to serve on his board of directors.

Give your reasons for resigning. You might explain how your understanding of your function has changed from your original impression. Ot that he and the other directors have different ideas on what the firm’s priorities should be. Or both of these factors. But I would avoid accusing them of being disrespectful and demeaning to you.

Say something positive, such as your opinion of the practices and policies the firm should adopt to maintain its leadership position in the industry or that he should feel free to call on you at any time in the future. You never want to burn your bridges.

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